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Over 1,300 kids’ lives are changed every year by making sure they have food each weekend.

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Kids are Fed On A Weekly Basis

Our Story

Blessings in a Backpack has such an important purpose in Campbell County, Wyoming. Over 1,300 kids’ lives are changed every year by making sure they have food each weekend. Kids from low-income homes are able to get meals on weekdays through government programs, but we want to make sure no child in Campbell County goes hungry over the weekend.

One particular week, a third-grade girl (whom we’ll call Aubree) opened her Blessings bag on a Friday with excitement, knowing she’d get a snack that day just like all her other classmates. As her teacher looked on, she noticed Aubree’s eyes well up with tears as she pulled out a simple card we put in each bag that read three simple but powerful words, “You are loved.” Aubree carefully taped it up in her locker, and when her teacher asked why, Aubree said, “Because I want to remember this every single day.”

By making sure kids have food on the weekends, we are allowing these kids to get nutrition, grow, and learn, but we are also showing these kids they are loved and not forgotten by their community. As a nonprofit organization that operates solely on donations, kids like Aubree are able to eat on the weekends because of people in their communities who unite together in love and generosity.

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With your help, we can continue to feed children in need over the weekend to fill the gap between Friday after lunch and breakfast on Monday morning. 

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The two opportunities where you can serve are Warehouse and Food Preparation or Packing Food Bags. Both of these areas are needed filled every week during the school year.